May 10, 2011
To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that we write this letter to recommend our realtor, Angela Shopper. We used to reside in Lenexa, Kansas until July of 2006 when we relocated to the State of Virginia. Unfortunately, our relocation happened not too long before the Real Estate market started to collapse. After five years of renting our house for a portion of our mortgage, we had to make the painful decision to put our house up for short sale when our tenant decided to move out in October 2010.
A family member who resides in Overland Park recommended Angela to us. This person had personally worked with Angela, and he assured us that she was the best person to help us during this difficult time.
From the moment we met Angela we immediately knew that our friend was 100% right. Her positive attitude was just what we needed. Angela started marketing our house, getting in touch with the bank, and taking care of every single detail that needed to be made in order to make this experience less painful. Once we hired Angela for the account, we felt that we did not have to do a single thing other than give authorization when needed. She took the burden off our hands, which was a blessing since we reside in another State. Our house was sold within six months and what could had been an unpleasant experience turned out to be a very pleasant one. We wish we could have Angela with us when we become ready to purchase our next home. Her patience and professionalism are unbeatable.

Cliff & Myra Sonnenbrot


My husband and I have just completed the greatest home buying experience ever! We had the privilege of working with Angela Shopper and she was so awesome. She went above and beyond any realtor that we have used. We looked at many homes, probably around 40, and she was patient through all of it. She truly tried to find what we were looking for and every time we met she was organized and ready to go. When we finally found the perfect house she was able to pull off the entire transaction in 2 days! We actually bought a house one day and was able to get in the next. That really took some expertise and diligence on her part but at the closing you would have thought she had weeks to prepare. It was smooth sailing on our part. I would recommend Angela to anyone who is looking for a realtor. I now consider her my friend and would certainly use her again.

Happy at home,
Marna Erhart
Bonner Springs, KS

It is with pleasure that I write this letter to recommend my realtor, Angela Shopper. I had the pleasure of meeting Angela at an informational home buying meeting at Reece and Nichols. From the get-go, I knew what I was and was not looking for in my future home. I was fairly picky and it didn’t take long for Angela to figure out my preferences. Angela eventually found the home that was for me.
Being a potential new home buyer, Angela was aware of my cautiousness and did not pressure me into looking at any homes that were over my budget. She took my preferences and worked diligently to prepare “go-see’s” that suited me. We looked at approximately 20 houses until I found “the one.”
Through the entire process, Angela guided me along the way and answered all of my questions. I feel she went above and beyond the call of duty making sure every base was covered as I was new to the whole home-buying process. It was a very stressful time for me, and Angela put me in touch with the mortgage company and the inspection company, plus answered all of my emails and phone calls. Her support and advice were invaluable.
I am enjoying my new house and I thank Angela for her help and support in finding it. She was patient, professional, and great at communicating everything to me. I would highly recommend Angela Shopper.

Ashley Falter
Home Owner

I can’t even begin to explain how much of a pleasure it was to work with Angela. She worked very hard to help us find our perfect house. She showed an unbelievable amount of patience in dealing with two people that had different ideas of what they wanted in a house. We probobly looked at 25 different houses, some twice, and she never complained. Even the ones that she had previewed for us and she knew we wouldn’t like, but we still wanted to see, she showed us without a single complaint. She worked just as hard to sell my previous home when I had tried for months to sell it on my own. She told me what she thought she could do for me and she delivered. She had my house sold in less than 30 days for what I needed to get out of it, and now I’m in a home that I could stay in for the rest of my life.

– Erik McCollum.

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  1. I purchased a home in Overland Park, Ks in 1986. Sometime in 2002, I started a new relationship which left the house unoccupied. I thought about puting the house up for rent, but just never felt comfortable doing that. As the economy failed, it became more difficult to make payments on both properties. So in Feburary of this year I thought I would test the housing market and attempt to sell one of the properties. The house had not been occupied in years and was not in the best of shape, so I thought it best to find out what value the house could bring without investing addition money. I got online and searched for websites that would offer a cash purchase. I found one, filled out the form and pressed the enter key. Within an hour or so Angela contacted me and set up a meeting. I was taken by her personality, she was positive she could sell the house and less than 60 days later she did! She did a great job! So be prepared to move if you hire her to sell your house. You may not have much time.
    Thanks Angela

    Steve Smith

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